Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Eve... musings of a Silly Villian

People watching. The night is still young and I am enjoying a drink as I watch the clock turn to zero for midnight. There appears to be alot of couples out and about tonight which doesn't surprise me, not the least. Midnight shall come and pass as it did the year before.

As I sit here and reflect, I didn't want to stay in a room filled with my hobbies and memories, more so my memories. I lament on the fact that I choose to sit alone tonight. There won't be any new years eve fun except to vicariously live through others via observation. Yes, that does slightly creepy, but the night is still young and more mayerial to laugh at. Cynical I know. Before me, the table contains accessories to ring in another year in hopes to usher in a better year than the last. How appropriate.

So lately I have been applying the saying and making attempts to live it. "Today is defined as the present, a gift, so cherish every moment of it. Tommorrow is unknown, the frontier, have yourself an adventure no matter the size of it for life is too short not to have one." Time is a slave to eventuality, it will end. How will you make your mark on this world? 2014 is coming to its end, how'd did you make your mark, Hiro?

I have created what at this time can be called as lasting friendships with a handful of people. I have explored and braved head first into the wilderness of my life leaving responsibility to a flip of a coin. Literally. I  even discovered my spirt animal, a goat. I've even traversed through a myriad amount of states; each bringing it's own experiances. I know I am definately paraphrasing my adventures, but I am making an attempt to keep some material for a later date. That is something someone once told me, "always leaven them wanting more." Whether or not I am accomplishing this or not is left to the the reader.

The music rages and I am being lost in my own thoughts.  The ribs are zesty and the Scotch, well beggers can't be choosers, is decent. Although the meat is getting cold, I am making the best of the situation that I have placed myself it. The corner provides me the best avenues of observation and stalwart safety. Although there are known security within the establishment that I am currently in, the air of enjoyment on the rocks remains all smiles amongst the melting pot of individuality. Again the music continues to rage on.

So now I am escaping the trappings of background noise. The calling of the taste of nicotine and menthol is compunding. My anxiety increases with the conversations that surround me. The allure of my handheld firestarter known as a lighter flickers with the dance of dangerous temperature. Minutes begin to tick as the clock turns to birth a new year. As I write this portion of my musings, the amount of excitement and anticipation climaxes to its eventual demise. 2014 draws her last breathe. The seconds tick and with a roar of gleeful smiles, 2015 is born.

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