Monday, December 22, 2014

Sheep in Wolf's Clothing PT 3

So far after reviewing my previous blog, I did sound incoherent and bounced everywhere. Perhaps I shouldn't write immediately after I wake up or when it is late. It's pretty interesting though as I read what I wrote. So to progress my blog I'll finally explain why I titled this series of five parts as Sheep in Wolf's Clothing.

I would consider myself as a sheep without a shepard. As my previous post read, I didn't really explain the title. I mean I kind of did, but it didn't read well. So back on topic, to me a sheep is someone who is innocent and gullible.  It's a description for an individual that wears their heart on their sleeve; which at times I have to admit I lean towards. Sheep can easily be persuaded and lead to either green pastures or those that wander from the group are easily engulfed in an ominous  end. I find myself admit the latter, so in order to survive I must adapt and wear the skin of a wolf.

Wolves are classified as an alpha, beta, or omega. Alphas lead the pack and betas follow the pack. Omega perform the same duties as a beta wolf, but get the scraps and are the last to do practically anything. I decided to wear the skin of an omega. It fits me as a sheep in the pack of vicious, strong human beings. Yet it has its advantages. One such advantage can be simply placed with one word, "underdog."

I try to stay under the radar so that the pack cannot see the fresh meat amongst them. Still my presence as a sheep can be noticed at times. It's a game changer, the scent of me is around, but I have learned to mask that part of me and show my teeth. I gnarl, growl, and fight unlike my sheep brethren.  I must continue up this mask to protect a fate of being ripped to shreds by the pack.

I am lost amongst the pack of wolves and tainted to the point of no return. My false teeth has tasted blood and flesh. I gaze upon my reflection and see this animal that differs exponentially from the inner sheep. I can't go back the life of a sheep and it's true what they say in undercover police shows that I've gone too deep. The sheep side of me is the Donnie brasco, the guy from avatar. It scared me to death to come to that conclusion.

So what next for this sheep? Where do I go from here? I am definitely a millenial-esque sheep. I can say I am a pacifist, but then how long do I have leve left in this world? Being such a sheep has brought me nothing but heartache and loneliness. It'll be never be over because I have yet to impact a slight dent to the world, to this world.

It's huge to know that at I am but a cog in the wheel of life. So what do you consider yourself to be, a sheep in Wolf's Clothing or a wolf in sheep's clothing? The basis of that may surprise you.

I hope that I articulated that better than the previous blog posts. Day three is done and so thus continues my journey. I hope yours has been productive these days and if not, make it productive. Life is too short.

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