Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sheep in Wolf's Clothing PT. 1

4:11 p.m., the start of my blog. Something to regurgitate my thoughts to the digital landscape. Perhaps I am one shitty writer, but its a blog so that should provide me with some leeway rather than type my thoughts within the Status of my Facebook page. Funny, I started this blog at 4:11 in the afternoon. So down with the 411. I suppose I should have some origin story since I love comics, anime, video games, and the like. Origins is what the protagonist starts. How he or she becomes the hero of the tale. On the other hand, I tend to jump around as well so there is no continuity of my story.

Well first of I was not born in the United States. If you know what it means when I mention the pearl of the orient, the country of a 1000 islands, well you know my place of birth. I grew up in a loving home with my family, a large family, a very large family. Without going into much detail, I grew up as a Chicagoan, the Windy City. I grew to adopt the term native Midwesterner, well not so native. I loved the city life, the gritty city life. Nowadays I miss public transportation and just simply going out. I miss the food, especially the food. I miss everything about it like the smell of the taste of Chicago. I barely have any support where I am at currently. I can count only a number of people equal to the digits on my hand that can safely say are at my corner.

The state of things makes me wonder and reflect on my past life. The past, its often viewed with regret but never or hardly ever viewed with a momentous smile screaming across your face. I am such a fool, a jester in my own rough draft that is my life. As my fingers continue to peck at the keys of my laptop to transfer my thoughts on digital parchment, various emotions rush through me. They can simply define as anger, sadness, disappointment, happiness, joy, and being lost. Yes I am lost. Lost in transition, lost in life, lost with myself and amongst others. I am a sheep in wolf's clothing. Yes I consider myself a sheep.

Its humorous to me now, but back in high school and infact as much as a last night I am still that. A sheep in wolf's clothing. Its Saturday and I am about to go out amongst friends who I watch their back for. Perhaps I am a Shepard dressed like a Sheep in wolf's clothing. Perhaps.

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