Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sheep in Wolf's Clothing PT 2

Outstanding, well withstanding many outcomes in the processes of my life. Idealistic view on the world has changed, ebbing the streaming waters of my own adulthood. The grounds are fertile and the grass is green. The baby blue sky gently wraps its blanket with the warmth of the sun as she smiles on me amidst the puffy clouds. Life is beautiful, but to remain continuous with the theme of the series I am currently writing; I must be slightly daft and jaded.

It never ends, I woke up this morning with no hangover but my room states the opposite. I just thrown some garbage and paperwork piles up on my makeshift desk. My bed is a futon, rarely even turned to its bed form and my refrigerator is empty. Half eaten chicken and barely any ramen left. So much for 4 days till Christmas. My tea kettle is empty as well, lacking water, but I should change that. I get up and look at the mirror; see my reflection, sadness engulfs me. A torrent of emotions turns my soul into the perfect storm.

Raging waters, twenty stories high, beats the beaches of my Armored and steeled heart. Light streaks through the sky and she screams with a roar of thunder in her wake. Gosh, I need a vacation. Its definitely making sound daft . So I decided to share a few of my rules that I have adopted throughout the years. The light bulb has hit me.

Rule 1: Be Responsible

Rule 2: Be Kind

Rule 3: Be Honest

Rule 4: Enjoy Life

Rule 5: If all else fails or no answer can be found, confer the rules in reverse. From here on out.

That's pretty much the bare minimum of my rules. How it goes from there can differ in a multitude amount of ways, but that's the legist of it. 5 very simple rules I try to go by on an everyday basis.
Pretty much this is a glimpse on the next series after this "Sheep in Wolf's Clothing."

So what does it mean to be a sheep in wolf's clothing? Its a term I like to define as an ability to protect and shield myself from this world. I've become jaded and slightly bitter in terms of relationships. I am sick of the games and the mixed signals someone sends in life. I hate poor choices but then again I make them on a near constant basis. Call me judgmental and bias on my self reflected view of the state of things. In all honesty this seems like a continuous whine session.

Last night, I pretty much said fuck it. Get out there and quit being such an introvert. I am not going to die a failure and failure equates to one simple fact; the lack of actions taken. In fact failure can be easily achieved really quickly by doing nothing at all. Fear is the embodiment of failure with the guise of protection and self preservation. I am not saying all fear is bad, it'll save your life. Yet it may not even save another person's life, but I digress. All I am saying is, I just said fuck it with nothing to loose.

So I went out with my friends and the intent of having a decent conversation with a stranger. I brought out the charming smile and the smug attitude. Yes smug, I pictured a too smart for himself asshole who thinks low of everyone and applied slight attributes to borderline the term douchebag. Believe it or not without going to immense detail, it bloody worked. Then when the nice guy attributes came out, my normal attributes. It didn't. What the hell? Seriously? Is it some kind of condition you all have to try and turn a piece of coal into a diamond. Screw it, I like being safe and I feel as though I am a failure through inaction. The heart strings in me are all strung out or is that acid reflux?

So I have been watching a lot of Christmas slash chick flick romantic movies that have aired over the past three decades. Its pathetic, but you know its okay. I got ramen on the pot, so well I'll continue this on.

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